Flat Top Mesa north road

After making several visits to Flat Top Mesa recently I have observed and learned.  Overton Power District (ODP) is again making repairs to the road to facilitate access as they are in the process of installing another power line.  Today I spoke with them about the project they have been working on for about 10 years, gaining a new right of way in the process after having an environmental study completed.
For the last 2 weeks they have been using heavy equipment to accomplish their needs.  This involves repairing the damage to the north side road destroyed by storms last winter.  They will continue work for the next 2 weeks in preparation to install the poles and lines scheduled to begin in January 2021.  The road is in the best condition it has been in for the last 3 years when they worked on it last.  It will get better and should withstand future erosion and damage for many years to come.  In an effort to help this road stay in good condition and avoid damage from water runoff I appeal to everyone using it, imploring them to stay on the road near the top and NOT cut the corner over the berm which is there to divert water so it doesn’t run down the road.
The road is open and in very good condition and although it is very wide it is also loose dirt and like driving in sand.  It will get compacted, using water and equipment, making it hard but this will take time.  OPD needs to be able to drive 4WD service pickups on this road.  If you go over Flat Top on this route in the next few weeks you may encounter heavy equipment and service trucks.  More likely during the week than on weekends.  Please do not interfere, wait or take another way.
Please share this information, dispersing it as widely as possible for the benefit of all.  I will continue to monitor and report progress and let you know when the work is finished and the road is free and clear.  When they start installing the poles and lines they may close the road so they have exclusive use.
Ride safe n smart….later….bob

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